Bloody Mary

In such an impoverished plat filled with robbery, violence, alcohol dependency and prostitute mothers it was commonplace to find children unattended.
Children as young as 3and 4 learned to cope with life’s circumstances and found sanction playing with their peers of the same hard kicks life had thrown them. On any given day most children in the area had swollen jaws, black eyes and blood crusted lips. They learned all to early in life it was better to be out of the house, NOT in it. Mary Bellingham was no exception.

Mary was a small girl with many curiosities. Her hair was as dark as night and her eyes as blue as the sky. A girl of only ten, Mary was as brilliant as she was beautiful. She was self taught and was reading and writing on her own by the age of three. Her smile had once won the admiration of any adults she came into contact with. Although Mary was a bright and cheerful baby and toddler, something changed in her when she was around five. Not one soul could place there finger on what became so different, nevertheless it was there.
“Bad” things happened around her. They seemed to be deliberately caused yet no one could quite say it was malice on Mary’s part.
Treasured keep sakes and special plates often would be found in crushed pieces after a visit from Mary, but there was never a witness to her breaking them. Animals in the plat where she lived would go missing never to be seen or heard from again after neighbors saw Mary playing with them.
There was an element about Mary that frightened people. Be it her unusual calmness or cunning grin no one was sure. After children in the plat began to disappear instead of dogs and cats people grew even more leery in the presents of the odd little girl.

Ten months after the first mutilated body of a missing child was found, the fifth and final body was discovered. During that 10 month time frame Mary’s behavior was exceedingly strange. After each child had been missing for a few days, Marry would visit the home of the missing child’s house and ask the mother if the missing child could come out and play, knowing all along that she knew where and why the kid was missing. She would act innocent as the mother tried to hold in her tears. Marys mood would eventually change and she would start hysterically laughing and rubbing her hands before turning to leave. Mary seemed to take pleasure in tormenting the parents of the lost little ones.

One clear afternoon a neighbor noticed Mary re entering the streets from an abandoned lot. She had unusual stains on her dress. The neighbor assumed Mary had found a mulberry bush growing among the weeds and brush. She hurriedly grabbed a basket in fear of missing out on some fresh berries to bake a pie. When the neighbor entered the lot she was baffled to find no signs of any type of berries. She returned home disappointed that she had been mistaken about the stains on Mary’s dress. It wasn’t until several weeks later that another neighbor noticed an unmistakable smell emanating from that very same abandoned lot. The grotesque butchered remains of 4yr old Emily had been discovered there. The basket bearing neighbor recalled the incidence with the other bystanders and discovered that Emily was last seen playing with Mary.
The pieces began to fit together. Given Mary’s odd behavior it really is a wonder that the people in the plat didn’t act sooner. It was such a beggared area and constables rarely intervene in the neighbor hood as it was, the folks living there decided to take matters into their own hands. They felt that was acceptable. No investigation had been started into finding out whom had murdered their children and the people living in that area knew there never would be an investigation. It was looked upon by the upper classes as being a good thing that one less future criminal one less future prostitute would be roaming the streets. The neighborhood looked at it as one more missing child to save the rest of their children would go just as unnoticed as their precious ones.

Large bonfires were as ordinary there as drunks. All the people in the neighborhood decided to lure Mary to the bonfire and set her ablaze. When they began to tie Mary to the center wood pole, Mary didn’t say anything. She did not struggle, she did not cry, she did not fight. The people felt very awkward and cheerless about this, but continued on. They asked Mary if she understood what was happening, and she responded in a quiet voice, “yes.” In the mix of the wood, old chairs, boxes, to make the large bonfire, there was an old mirror. Mary stared at the mirror as they tied her arms, legs and body. When they lit the wood, Mary still did not scream or make any noise, she just stared at the mirror. The neighborhood folks were not a rowdy, shouting, yelling crowd… They were silent. They stared at her in wonder. When she finally went up in that final blaze, she still did not make a sound, she just stared at the remnants of that mirror. Everyone felt very uncomfortable and unsure of what had happened. They stayed til the fire went out on its own. They all stayed all night, not talking, not saying a word to one another. They all seemed to be in shock. As daylight broke they all noticed simultaneously that the mirror Mary had her eyes fixated to the whole evening was still there. It had not burnt, it had not broke. However it did have charred singed markings on it… On the front of the mirror, it said “I murder so that I may come back.”

Chanting the name “Bloody Mary” in front of a mirror anywhere from three to thirteen times in a dark room lite by candle light will summon the vengeful spirit of a witch named Bloody Mary. When she appears she either scratches yours face murders you or drives you mad.


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