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A tutorial on how to make a super bad ass OWL…

First, I am using Adobe Photoshop CS4. You can down load a free trial of CS5 at their website.
Second, you will need to do a search on the internet for “Photoshop Brushes.” Several sites will come up, chose which ever one ya want and download yourself some brushes. I TRY to only download the ones that are free for personal use and or commercial use. You Can CLICK ON ANY OF THESE IMAGES TO GET A LARGER SIZE!
Here we go…
1)Open up a new file of any size. Make sure the back ground is transparent. Load up the brushes you downloaded or made yourself. You simply click on the brush tool on the left. Right click your mouse and chose the option that says, “Load Brushes.”

2)I filled in the background black. Then I used vintage wallpaper brush in green. Then I added the owl also using a ps brush. (These types of owls are also incredibly easy to make, but that’s for another day. I am using someone else’s owl for this though).

3)I added an owl that is yellow on top of the orange one. I then copied and merged ONLY the owl layers and pasted them at the top. Then I used the Eraser tool with the ps brushes that have a really cool design in them.

4)I then moved the owl to line up better with the background.

5)I copied the layer of the owl and turned it a super bright orange color using the saturation.Image>Adjustment>Hue/Saturation. You change the saturation by moving it left or right.

6)I moved the Bright orange owl UNDER the yellow owl. Then I went back to the eraser tool and droped the occupancy down to 70% that way it doesn’t erase all of the yellow owl. I then just went along the edges to slightly erase some of the yellow to give it a two toned look.

7)I then cropped it down to the size I wanted, so that it fit nicely into the screen

8)It is critical for you to save it under “Save For WEB and Devices.” If you don’t save it that way your colors will look terrible.

There you have it, That’s it.


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