Leonardo da Vinci’s work mirrored

Okay, this might sound like I have lost my mind.. and maybe I have. I recently heard that if you take Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci’s art work and “mirror” it, you will come up with “weird” images. I want to make clear that I think the DaVinci code is a load of hog wash. Secondly, I am not a fan of Da Vinci’s work. There has always been something about his style that I do not like, NOT that I do not appreciate it… obviously I do. I have just never been a big fan of his. I have always been more of a Goya (Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes) fan. He has “hidden” things in his paintings, but they are mostly cats and birds.. seriously, how could I not love his work?! His work is beautiful and at times very twisted.

After hearing this mirroring about Da Vinci’s work I decided to try it for myself to see if there is really anything to it. The first painting I started with was The Baptism of Christ. After simply looking at the painting I noticed several things that were “off” about it. Now, I am not an art expert… but I don’t suppose I need to be to notice some of the things I noticed. I suppose some of them could have been symbolic for other things… but that doesn’t seem to add up in this painting.

First, why was Jesus painted as an old man? He is heavily wrinkled in the painting. That seems uncommon… wrinkles would have been a sign of mans sin nature… Jesus had no sin nature so why did he have wrinkles? Second thing that struck me odd is the black bird to the upper right. I do not understand why it is there. Third, the tree the black bird is flying near, the tree is supposed to be in the background but it still seems odd that it would be shaped that way. Fourth, the girl by the river, I think that is supposed to be either Mary Jesus’ mother or Mary Magdalene. Either or, why is her eye contact completely off? Fifth, Jesus’ foot. His right your left. There was a great deal of time spent on this painting. What is up with his middle toe? It looks like a wart or something on his foot. Again, that doesn’t add up to the time frame. Sixth, the dove and arms above Christ. The arms seem strange but that might just be me. The dove’s head is tilted in an odd way as well and it might just be me. Seventh, the girl’s sleeve that is black. It seems out of place as does the bottom of the girls dress behind her. Finally, Jesus’ halo seems strange because it is red and white and doesn’t line up with his head the way the halos on the other people do.

So I mirrored the image in photoshop. At first I mirrored the entire image then I cut the image into three’s, vertically, and mirrored each part. Here are the results.

I also mirrored one of his paintings that I never really liked. It is a painting of Jesus. This painting never looked “right” to me that is why I didn’t care for it. After mirroring the image, I like it! Maybe that was the point of this particular painting… maybe it was to be viewed mirrored.

I then had to mirror the Mona Lisa. Of course I had to try it with this one! I already knew he spent a lot of time on this painting… Its dimensions are only 30.3″ x 20.9″ yet he spent 16 years on it. Obviously through out history there has been much fascination with this painting. Just as the painting “The Baptism of Christ” can be cut into three, mirrored and you can come up with different images.. the same is true for the Mona Lisa. However, it seems that its not to be cut in three. I am not a mathematician any more than I am an art historian but maybe, MAYBE, it is supposed to be cut up into 6’s, 7’s, 9’s or maybe there is some elaborate math problem with the dimensions of the painting. It definitely looks like some sort of puzzle. Different parts mirrored result in different images. How or what the number is supposed to be cut into, I am not sure of. There are a lot of repetitive symbols that I do not know the meanings of… and I think to interpret the symbols, you would also have to put them into the time frame of Da Vinci’s life. Is is simply a puzzle of images? It looks apocalyptic… or is it a symbolic message or do the symbols add up to something like blue prints? Who knows. I guess if someone with actual knowledge of the symbols and an art background could probley come up with a plausible theory.

The flip side to all of this is that I may simply be wrong. I may be seeing things that are not there. I may be projecting onto images of nothing. Maybe. The sad part is, I don’t really care. I just thought it was intresting.

(The original art work pieces I picked up from Google).


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