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Anne Boleyn

I have wanted to do a picture of Anne Boleyn for some time… This is me as Anne Boleyn.

If you don’t get this one…
Ann Boleyn’s Coat of Arms was a falcon perched atop a tree stump with red and white roses (NOT Tudor roses) bursting forth from the stump. The falcon wore an imperial crown and held a sceptre.
The falcon represented majesty and power.
The tree stump referred to Henry VIII’s right to the throne.
The roses bursting forth represented life bursting forth “from the barrenness of the Tudor stock.” Anne saw herself as the one who would give Henry his longed for son and continue the Tudor line.

The Bed by the Window

Three old men shared a room at the nursing home. Their room had only one window, but for them it was the only link to the real world. Ted Conklin, who had been there the longest, had the bed next to the window. When Ted died, the man in the next bed, George Best, took his place; and the third man, Richard Greene, took George’s bed.
Despite his illness, George was a cheerful man who spent his days describing the sights he could see from his bed- pretty girls, a policeman on horseback, a traffic jam, a pizza parlor, a fire station and other scenes of life outside.

Richard loved to listen to George. But the more George talked about life outside, the more Richard wanted to see it for himself. Yet he knew that only when George died would he have his chance. He wanted to look out that window so badly that one day he decided to kill George. “He is going to die soon, anyway,” he told himself. “What difference would it make?”
George had a bad heart. If he had an attack during the night and a nurse could not get to him right away, he had pills he could take. He kept them in a bottle on top of the cabinet between his bed and Richards. All Richard had to do was knock the bottle to the floor where George could not reach it.
A few nights later George died just as Richard had planned he would. And the next morning Richard was moved to the bed by the window. Now he would see for himself all the things outside that George had described.
After the nurses had left, Richard turned to the window and looked out. But all he could see was a blank brick wall.

Excerpt from Scary Stories
Retold by Alvin Schwartz
photos by me, KTA 🙂

Stolen Dress

“A young man invited a young woman to a formal dance.But she was very poor, and she could not afford to buy the evening gown she needed for such an occasion.
“Maybe you can rent a dress,” her mother said. So she went to a pawnshop not far from where she lived. There she found a white evening gown in her size. She looked lovely in it, and she was able to rent it for very little.
When she arrived at the dance with her friend, she was so attractive, everyone wanted to meet her. She danced again and again and was having a wonderful time.
But then she began to feel dizzy and faint, she asked her friend to to take her home. “I think I have danced too much,” she told him.
When she got home, she lay down on her bed. The next morning her mother found that her daughter had died. The doctor did not understand what had caused her death. So he had the coroner perform an autopsy.
The coroner found that she had been poisoned by embalming fluid. It had stopped her blood from flowing. There were traces of fluid on her dress. He decided it had entered her skin when she perspired while she was dancing.
The pawnbroker said he bought the dress from and undertaker’s helper. It had been used in a funeral for another young woman, and the helper had stolen it just before she was buried. ”
Excerpt from Scary Stories
Retold By Alvin Schwartz

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